Zid – An obsession for love


Love is a beautiful feeling which is felt by every other person. But every 1 out of 10 people loves their partner so deeply that they become obsessed for their love. It’s simply mean that they don’t want to share their partner with anyone. These obsessed people become so emotional that they can even kill someone without being scared of consequences.

I have found such a movie in which a girl loves the boy so much that she tries to kill her ex and policeman just in sake of that boy. But in end, that girl is also dead.

Wait wait wait…. How come the girl be dead when she was planning to kill the boy’s ex???



The movie starts in which Rohan Achrekar nickname Ronnie(Karanvir Sharma), crime reporter of a newspaper is narrating his story to his to his newspaper’s editor Karan (Mohan Kapoor) and the area’s DSP (Rajeev Saxena). He says that with the recommendation of his editor Karan he shifts to an outhouse located in gone civilization with dense forest.

Owner of the outhouse is paralyzed and looked after by his daughter Maya (Mannara Chopra). Ronnie was disturbed with the breakup with her ex Priya (Shraddha Das). So she wanted to change his mood by living in a new place. He feels like the house is haunted but happy with the environment so he decides to live there.

But as there is a phrase, “no one can’t predict future.” Maya falls in love with Ronnie by his sweet nature. So she went to his room when Ronnie was out for work. She mistakenly sees the pictures clicked by Ronnie on a ferry. And she misunderstood that he has shifted only for her.


Ronnie was not interesting in Maya but he finds her strange and cute. So he wanted to be just friend with her. He invited her for nightclub party. They both went there and Maya decides to propose him. But when she returned from washroom she finds Ronnie talking and dancing with a girl Nancy (Seerat Kapoor). Nancy is the sister of none other than but Priya (Ronnie’s ex). She got furious while watching them but she controls her anger.


While returning to home Ronnie’s car met with an accident with Scotty. When Maya went down to look the girl who met with an accident is alive or not. She founds her alive and tries to save her but she passes away due to severe crash with a car. In panic, they left for home without informing the police as they were afraid that they would be imprisoned.

On the very next morning, Ronnie was scared to take his car so he took a taxi and reach to his office. There editor Karan orders him to investigate this hit and run case. Due to his boss pressure, he has to go at the accident site and returned to his outhouse directly. When he opens the room he found that Maya entered into his room without his permission and cleaned the room.


He asked Maya that where his car is? She takes him to a lake and saw him that car is safe in the lake. Ronnie goes to police station and file the complaint that his car is stolen. Priya has returned to India for her sister funeral and seek the murderer. After the funeral, she reaches to Ronnie for help in finding her sister’s murder.

She informed Ronnie that investigator policeman found that injury was not so serious if she was taken to hospital she can be safe. But Ronnie refused to help her. She went while shouting. Inspector mosses visit Priya for inspecting her. Because he suspects that Priya is the murderer of Nancy as they are step-sister.

Now here comes a new twist that while all was thinking that Nancy was killed in the accident. Inspector mosses inform that Nancy was not dead due to injury of the accident but she was murdered by chocking his neck. :O :O


Now here comes the suspense that who killed Nancy? Was she kill by Maya in jealousy of her love Ronnie? Or was it Priya for the property of Nancy? Or any person is involved in the murder?

I bet you, you can’t predict the end. And surely watch the movie till the end. Here’s the link where you can check other people comment and watch the movie.


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