Udaan – A Child Dream to Fly


You may have fight with your parent several times. Fights related to career decisions are common.

“Papa I want to be a writer”

“No beta you will be an engineer only”

These above dialogues are common in most of the house. Parents don’t understand that if Sachin Tendulkar or Asha Bhosle were stopped, their won’t be such great people.

On same situation, there is a movie udaan in which a boy wants to be a writer but his father forces him to do engineering and help him his business. Lack of love relationship which is very important in any father-son relationship is also presented.




The movie starts where 4 boys escape from their hostel to watch the movie in the night. But they were caught by their warden. Rohan and his other 3 friends had expelled from school. They have to leave for their respective home. Rohan had not met his father (Ronit Roy) from 8 years. He doesn’t want to meet his father as he knew that he won’t be loving him much.

When he reaches to the home he saw a 6-year-old boy Arjun stepbrother of him. All of three went for dinner to Rohan’s uncle (Ram Kapoor). Rohan tells that he wants to do literature and become a writer. But his father protests and order him that he will do engineering and help him in his business.



Next day Rohan was forced for morning walk and race till his last leg. After that, he helped his father in his steel factory following with studies in evening in college. Every day all three were following the same routine of factory school and college.

One day Arjun’s principal called his father complaining that he has beaten a child and take him away to home. This loses him the important contract. When Rohan returns home from college he found that his father is rushing to the hospital with unconscious Arjun in his hands. He said that he slipped on stairs.

When Arjun has to b kept  under observation, Rohan and Arjun became friends. And he discovers that his father beat the Rohan harshly. This made him angry and he wanna escape to become a writer. Will Rohan be able to escape? Will Arjun get a lovable life which was missing in Rohan life? Or his father will change and allow Rohan to be a writer?

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