Sixteen 16′- Teenager Life Full of Ups and Downs


When I start the movie I feel like it will be another “crime patrol”, “savdhaan India” or “gumraah” based on teenager life. But the movie rolled in unexpected and can say in a surprised manner that it changed my mind while thinking about teenagers and parents decision.

I have also passed teenage period and I can say it’s a time when there are lots of dreams, wishes, harmonical change, attractions, distractions and lot more….This is also the same story which is based on the teenage life of four different teenagers. And I bet that you can’t predict the end correct.



The movie starts with above scenes and jumps to flashback of 6 months earlier. Movie rolls around four teenagers who are facing following issues:

Anu is a carefree, ambitious and rich girl who wants to be a model and keep on changing her boyfriends. She was successful in getting a modeling assignment. She was very happy in her life.

But her life got disturbed when she came to know about her parent’s open marriage relationship. She started being with her friends only to avoid contact with her parents. But what happened that she end up with suicide? Was her parent’s relationship or any other reason?


Nidhi is a sensitive and virgin girl who loves a boy name Karthik. But problem is Karthik want to have sex and Nidhi wants to have sex on ‘right time and at right place’. She is always pressurize by her peers to have sex.

Karthik left Nidhi for rejecting his demand for sex. He starts flirting other girls which depress Nidhi very much. Is Karthik really loves Nidhi? Will Nidhi change her mind for Karthik? What happens that Nidhi ends up in the hospital?


Ashwin Jha is a hard working boy whose father wants him to be an IAS officer. But one day when she proposed his crush Tanisha she rejected him as she doesn’t feel same. He was totally heartbroken.

Same day his father finds porn videos on his PC due to which he starts beating Ashwin. Ashwin is so frustrated with his father’s dream and Tanisha’s rejection that he kills his own father. But what happened that he pick gun in his hand after killing his father? Will he become criminal for a small mistake in frustration?


Tanisha is a mature girl than her age who is finding love. She wants a boy who is handsome, intelligent and has a good sense of humor. She lives with her aunt after her parents died. One day a writer Vikram comes as a tenant who is just double the age of Tanisha.

He gets attract towards Tanisha as he resembles her with his past memories. Some events held which makes Tanisha also fall for him. But on another hand, Tanisha’s aunt also falls for Vikram. Will Tanisha get Vikram as her life partner? Will she be able to convince her aunt?


You can watch the movie here and check comments of different people…..

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