Have you ever talk to yourself over the phone?


Have you ever talk to yourself over the phone? Sounds strange???

But it’s true…

I have found a movie in which a person is talking to himself for guidance. Now you will say it’s common, we all talk to our inner voice for guidance.

But it’s not that simple, in this movie Karthik is a low confident guy with almost no guts to stand for himself. He is even on edge of suicide when he receives a life changing call. Yes, you heard right, life changing call. He received calls from himself only.

Can anybody seriously talk to himself on phone? Or anyone was joking with him?? But why would anyone help him without any self-own interest??? And how he knows all his secret which was not known to even his parents?? Let’s check it out…..


The movie starts in which Karthik (Farhan Akhtar) wakes up while dreaming that he had killed his brother by pushing him in well. As his elder brother, Kumar bullies him. Kumar took Karthik to well where he was about to throw him but Karthik managed to escape and Kumar slipped in well.

Karthik woke up and go to his office where he works. His boss (Ram Kapoor) keeps on bullying him and gets a lot of work done. He was ordered to complete an extra file in a day. Karthik completes the file by working full night but his boss asks him about another file also which was even not asked to do.

UFF! Daily job and keep the boss happy is such a big messy thing. But he has the pressure of his brother murder guilt.









No matter how miserable life is!! There is a person in everyone’s life that can make you smile no matter how sad you are. That person is none other than “CRUSH”.

Karthik too had a crush on his colleague Shonali (Deepika Padukone) who sits in a cabin near to Karthik area. Shonali does not know anything about Karthik. He keeps on writing emails to her daily but never sends her.


After completing all his work he went to his physiatrist. She tells her that not to suppress by anyone, be confident and take stand for yourself

While following her advice, he goes to his boss and talks about the project assigned but he got fired from a job. AAhhh…. A person who can’t utter a word for himself and he is fired from a job where he is working from 4 years. You can imagine how depressing it would be…..

He was so depressed that he decided to commit SUICIDE.

Imagine you lost your job from a place you are working for 4 years. It will be like everything is finished for a person who is already low confidence.


But when he was going to commit suicide he received a call. And the man who is speaking says, “I am Karthik here to help you. I can help you to get everything back”

He didn’t believe on call he thought, “anyone is joking with him”

But when he disclose all secrets which are only known to Karthik. He got scared and hang up the phone.

Next day he again receives calls, the person on another side says that “I want to help you. I will tell you how to change your life. I will guide you. You have lost everything already. Can’t you trust yourself for once?” Then he gave a try on him.

Imagine you are talking to a phone to yourself only. But he is not harming you and wants your happiness only in return. What would you do?

Then again next day he receives call and Karthik on other side guides him to say NO loudly.  He follows him and teaches the lesson to his landlord who keeps on bullying him.

Karthik starts to gain trust on him as he helped him. Would you trust someone like this if you receive call like this?


On next call, another Karthik says, “Kumar bhahiya is a bully and nothing else. He deserves to die.” And explains him,”you are a topper of iim and you have broken all records of CA. Go and talk to your boss confidently.”

Karthik follows the same and talk to his boss and make him realize his need for his company. Karthik demand and take a new cabin with high salary.

On next call, another Karthik says, “Karthik its time to get Shonali back by telling her that his boyfriend has a wife already.” This news to Shonali made depressed and sad. Now Karthik takes the stand and makes Shonali happy.


It sounds strange to talk to yourself on phone. But there is no problem if he is helping you to get all things you want.

Slowly slowly Shonali falls for Karthik. Shonali and Karthik came into relation. But life can’t be so easy, one day Shonali was insecure due to her bad relations and asks Karthik if he has any secrets.

Karthik gets afraid of losing her and decides to tell her that he talks to himself on phone. While listening to this she became shocked and asks him to visit a psychiatrist. She was so shocked that she warned him if he won’t visit a psychiatrist she will leave him forever.

I mean imagine yourself your boyfriend/girlfriend is talking to himself on phone it sounds like mental.

Very next day another Karthik warned him to not to visit a psychiatrist or he will ruin his life again.

Will Shonali understand him and marry Karthik? How can Karthik talk to himself on phone? Is really Karthik receives a call from Karthik or anyone is playing a prank on him? check here what happened?

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