Gafla – Untold Story of Harshad Mehta


If you are a little bit interested in the stock market you must be aware of Harshad Mehta scam. The biggest scam in the stock market which also led to the formation of many new rules. Then this movie Gafla is just for you….

Harshad Mehta was the person who tried that common man too invests in share market and earns some money. But he gets indulge in 400 crore scam. want to know how???

Gafla is the story of Subodh Mehta (Harshad Mehta) who want to be a big man by entering in the stock market. his way of dealing in the stock market was inspired by American style i.e., studying the company in depth and then invest. When he became a little famous in stock market he tried that more and more common people invest so that economy also can grow.



The movie starts by showing fast moving life of Mumbai and a song from which you also can connect yourself too. Subodh had left his current part-time business of brick and cement and starts reading about the stock market. He entered the stock market with the help of sub broker Hari under the guidance of C.N. Shah.

Hari is experienced man in the stock market but was not agree with the way of dealing of Subodh. Because he deals in the American style of trading. To the surprise of Hari, in the very first week of his work he purchases share of companies whose price are declining and earns 1.5  lakhs in a month.


But some big companies and strong brokers wanted to recover their losses so they played a dirty trick of selling all shares. This resulted in market crash. Subodh believes in buying the shares and contribute to the growth of the economy. Due to crash in market he suffered a huge loss but he did not loose the hope and opened his office “grow further” in which he decided to persuade common people to invest in stock market.

By investing in the crash market, he showed to people that they can earn from the stock market. This mad him and his company “grow further” famous. In very short span of time, he again regained his wealthy position. But it was affecting big companies and brokers as they were not able to crash the market for their benefit. Now let’s see how Subodh got stuck in the scam of 400 crores? Why such a big scam happened? How the scam came to the light of the world?

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