Which movie earned how much, told truth or lie?


Today I read newspaper Delhi times of navbharat times and I was shocked by the headlines “which movie earned how much, told truth or lie??” I mean now we can’t even believe on box office collection if they are true or lie.

“Box office collection is a very important factor which decides if the movie will be a hit or flop in Bollywood. May be this is the only reason that filmmakers are blamed for informing box office collection wrong.” Says Delhi times newspaper.


According to navbharat times, “Usually actors are not involved in manipulation of box-office collection figures and trade analyst calculate the figures.” But babumoshai bandookbaaz of Nawazuddin Siddiqui was in controversy of manipulating the box-office collection figures.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui of babumoshai bandookbaaz tweets that his movie earned 2 crores in the first-day opening. His friend, Anurag Kashyap tweets, “congratulation Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the team of babumoshai bandookbaaz for 2 crores opening on the first day.”

A famous trade analyst revealed his first-day collection 1.25 crore only.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui also tweets that 1-week collection of babumoshai bandookbaaz is seven crore whereas trade analyst revealed that it’s 3.75 crores. Now the big question is who manipulated the figures of box-office collection.

“Want audience, incrase collection”

Navbharat times says,”Success of any movie depends on its entry in the club of 100 crores.” According to me, its true and you can even check many people go for the movie when movie enter into 100 crore club or movie is of famous actor or director.

It is believed that when people come to know that movie has entered in 100 crore club more people go for the movie. Navbharat times says, “May be the reason of craze for 100 crore club that filmmaker says that their movie has entered in 100 crore club.”

Navbharat times also says, “shivaay and Sultan also questioned for entering in 100 crores and 300 crore club respectively. They claim that filmmaker has announced false statement about entering in 100 crore club so that people go for a movie and they can earn more.”

nbt_article_faltumovies.com3Navbharat times says, “The famous actor Aamir Khan also don’t believe in box-office collection. He says that collection on the ticket counter and box-office collection is very different. Some filmmaker shows off with their box-office collection.”

According to famous trade analyst, Sanjay Ghai 90% of figures can be trusted. But there are a lot of chances that 10% figures are fake.

According to faltumovies.com, the best way to judge any movie is its reviews by the audience like us. Comments on Youtube, IMDB rating, reviews on bookmyshow are some examples of latest ways to judge a movie.

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