You may have seen many movie reviewing blogs, but this one is slightly different. This will gonna review on the movies which are flop movies on box office but famous on youtube or facebook. I will be posting a link to the movie review so that you can watch the movie. You can also check the no of views on the movie, no of likes and comments of different people.

Aamir Khan releases a movie in a year. Akshay Kumar releases 3-5 movies in a year. Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan releases 1-3 movies in a year. In total, we got 20 movies in a year but approx 100 sat-sun. In Bollywood style, “badi nainsafi hai yeh to“. Therefore I have brought some movies in a different category.

Movies for teenagers, movies on scams and startups, inspirational movies suspense movies , cute love story, revenge love story and horror movies. You can find all categories here. These movies won’t be comparable with above big superstars but these will have some qualities which you can’t miss.

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