Aamir (2008) – Insan Apni Kismat Khud Likhta Hai


India is a country with different religions. But there are some negative elements, terrorists who claim to be Muslim and want to take revenge from Indians. According to them, Indians mistreat with Indian-Muslims, so they want to take revenge by plan a bomb attack.

They are like animals who keep on manipulate other Muslims also. But all Muslims are not same as predicted in this movie. Some of them have heart and care for other people also. Rajeev Khandelwal acted so well and gave impressions superbly that you can’t worth to miss.


To be very honest, if you are expecting this movie to be entertaining it is not. It’s a movie with great acting and depicting a true picture of the Indian and Muslim relationship.

The movie starts starring Dr. Aamir Ali (Rajeev Khandelwal) come back from London due to unfavorable conditions. Airport security is interrogating him again and again. And another person is checking his luggage. He says to a security officer,”Will you keep on asking the questions like this if my name would be Amar?”

He goes out of airport and checks for his brother but can’t find him. So he goes to local STD and calls at his home. Then two men on a bike came and throw a phone towards him. Dr. Aamir was standing there shouting then the phone starts ringing. One man passes on and ordering him to pick the phone.

On phone, someone says that your luggage is in taxi go and sit in it fast. The driver is mad. But Aamir keeps on enquiring and taxi left without him. Dr. Aamir keeps on running behind the taxi and finally catches the taxi.


Again phone rang, and a person on phone says I told you to take taxi driver is mad. Aamir order taxi driver to stop car aside and gave him his luggage. But driver drops Aamir and took away his luggage.

Someone again gave him the phone and tell him to watch a video. In the video, it’s his family who has been kidnapped. Man on the phone orders him to reach the national restaurant by 1 p.m. He reaches there and waits on a seat reserved for him.


Again he received a call, in which he was asked to reach to some chawl. He was kept on running and running here and there. Someone calls him, narrate him to go and do the task. But he is not disclosing the fact that what he wants.

After long chasing, he was left with a suitcase with a bomb to plan it in a bus. Will he kill 100 of people for his family? will he be able to save his life? Check on the link to find. Will he be able to write his “Kismat” on his own?


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