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Holla readers!!! Everyone knows that Akshay Kumar is a very brilliant actor who performs in brilliant stories. A similar type of movie is found. 8×10 Tasveer is a suspense thriller murder movie. I bet you can’t imagine the killer and movie plot while watching.

But I want to seriously warn that this movie is not entertaining like any other movie. This one is a serious thriller suspense murder movie. But I must say this movie has a great storyline with lots of twists and unbelievable climax.


8x10 tasveer_collage

Movie Plot

The movie starts while starring Akshay Kumar as a forest ranger. His main work is to protect forest and catch people from destroying it. The best part of this scene is background and the dive that Akshay Kumar too into a river.

After this two ladies visit them for Jai’s help. One of the ladies has lost his husband. So she wants that Jai to help him out. Jai sees through the pic and predicts that his husband had fallen into the ditch and he is badly injured.

Now you will think how he can predict from a pic. Actually, this is a supernatural power he possesses that he can get into the pic and see for a minute that what happened after the click of a pic.

You will think such a cool power it is to see a picture. But destiny keeps on testing us so happen with Jai.



Sheila (Ayesha Takia) Jai’s girlfriend inform to Jai about his father’s accident. Jai’s father Jatin is an owner of an oil company who died by falling into the lake from his personal yart. But before dying he says to Jai that “he saw…”

After few days, Jatin’s lawyer informs that all of his wealth is in name of his wife Savitri. Jai’s mom Savitri discloses that his father was going to transfer all his property to Jai’s NGO.

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On tervi (13th day after Jatin’s death) a secret agent Habbibulah Pashah urf “Happi” says to Jai that your dad is murdered. He is a great swimmer. Jai didn’t focus on his thought and leave.

 Happi informs Jai that truth can be identified if post mortem had done but Jai’s mother had refused for it. Jai starts doubting his mother as the culprit for his father’s death. On enquiring, his mom discloses that Happi is a mad man who has escaped from Toronto.

Jai gets nightmares that his father needs help and wants to tell something. So he goes to his house and travel in past through pic.

I mean imagine someone can seriously travel to the past. In past, he comes to know that railing of the boat was broken due to which his father fell off. Jai was in need to admit in the hospital.

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Now Jai starts doubting on each and every person who was present on board. He starts doubting on his sunder uncle so he travels to past again from his body. There he founds that he is the only person who mixes the tablets in Jatin’s champion.

He visited Sunder’s house to enquire the truth. Now you will think that Jai had found the culprit. (But Akshay Kumar’s movie can’t be so simple). They found sunder’s body with a suicide note.

Jai’s doubt become in real when he was attacked by someone in a big car. Yes someone tried to kill Jai and his girlfriend Sheila. Sheila asks him to leave these imagined theories and live a simple life.

When Jai visit to his mother’s house he saw that his mother is in love with his father’s lawyer. This incident made Jai violent and he decides that he will find out the murderer at any cost.

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But in next scene, you will find that someone was keeping eye on Jai. Imagine someone is watching your every step. This indicates that someone was watching him time to time.

Who is watching Jai time to time? Does really Jai’s mother killed Jai’s father? Or Jatin’s lawyer killed Jatin?

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