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1921 collage

1920 series are remarkable movies by Vikram Bhatt in horror movies of Bollywood. Now he has come up with all new concept of 1921 starring Karan Kundra a well known Indian actor with Indian Actress and a famous model Zareen Khan.

1921 movie

Vikram Bhatt is a well known famous Indian director, producer, and screenwriter for Bollywood movies. He is famous for his horror thriller stories. 1920 evil return and 1920 London have created history in horror Bollywood movies. Now his new movie 1921 is releasing on 12 January 2018.

Vikram Bhatt has starred a well know Indian actor Karan Kundra. He is famous for his hosting in serial gumrah, and a famous role of “Arjun Punj” in serial “kitani Mohabbat Hai”. Zareen Khan is a famous model and Indian actress. She has been starred in Housefull 2, Hate Story3 and Aksar 2.

1921 moviePicture credit 1921 : https://www.facebook.com/RelianceEntertainment

In 1921, Ayush Ashthana (Karan Kundra) went to England from India to learn music. All was good but he did a mistake and found some ghosts in his house. He approaches rose (Zareen Khan) for help as she can see souls and help people by communicating with them.

Ayush come to know that he is going to die as whom so ever comes in the eye of that evil soul have to die. Slowly slowly Ayush body will turn black and he will die. But Rose starts loving him. Now let’s wait for 12 January 2018 and see if rose will be able to save Ayush or not….
1921 collage

1921 will be releasing on 12 jan 2018

The trailer is very interesting and people liking it very much. 30k+ views in 1 day have already recorded with lots of praising comments n YouTube can be seen. We are hoping that this 1921 movie will be a successful movie and will break the records of 1920 series.

All the very best to Vikram Bhatt, Karan Kundra, and Zareen Khan. 

Check out the trailer of 1921 here and tell in the comments what do you think how will be the movie?

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