13B – Fear Has A New Address


13B – Fear Has A New Address title itself showing the story…….

Imagine you shifted to a new apartment by paying your hard earned money and the 20 years home loan to pay. But you find ghosts in your television. Yes nothing else but in an idiot box, television.

You can’t change the house as you have paid the amount and your family will be in danger if you left the home. Because television is only going to predict your life which will guide you to save your family.

Same happens in the movie…

Will Manohar (R. Madhavan) be able to save his family? Will he be able to get ghosts out off his house?


Movie plot  – 13B

Manohar (R. Madhavan) shifts to a new apartment with his full family. Every member is busy in their day to day activities. But milk gets spoil which is regarded as inauspicious by Manohar’s mother.

It was very strange that milk got spoil every day. Another strange thing that happens is that lift work for everybody except Manohar. He has to use stairs for 13 floors.

In home family founds a new tv serial “sab khariat hai” whose characters are similar to the family. At night when Manohar returns to the home, he starts hammering the nail for pooja room. But nail doesn’t get stuck into the wall.


Next day Manohar sends driller to home to put nails in wall. Again strange thing happens that driller get electric shock of high power. On one night bulb got blast due to which Manohar got a scratch on his head. The strangest thing happened that neighbor’s dog barks on the gate on someone. Even when no one at home except Manohar.

Imagine you shifted to a new apartment and many strange things are happening.  Everyday milk get spoil, pooja room is not getting ready, the dog is barking at door steps, etc… The most strange thing is when you clicked your pic in the home it is shuffled. But it is fine one when step outside of your house.

All this happened with Manohar, but most strange thing was awaiting. When he sat on the sofa he found the show “sab khairiat hai”. The creepiest thing is that all incidents which were going on in his life were similarly going on in that show.

Manohar’s conversation with his sister and with his brother was going on in the show. He watches that wife of the main role in the show is pregnant so she tells his wife to get a medical checkup. He got good news that he’s going to be a father.


But in next episode, main role’s wife get injure and gets hospitalise. Same way Manohar’s wife too get hurt and hospitalise.

He decides to visit the set of “sab khairiat hai” but he founds that it’s a reality show. While his television broadcast a serial.

Imagine a tv serial depicting your story is broadcasting only on your tv. Will Manohar be able to solve this mystery??? Will he be able to find that what ghosts want from him?

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